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[MSX] Gradius2 Ehancement Patch by sharksym

코나미 그라디우스2를 패치한 롬입니다.
MSX2+, MSXturboR 에서 구동가능하며, 2MB 롬으로 되어있습니다. (원판은 1MB였지요.)
달라진 부분은,
- DynamicVsync 구현으로 좀더 빠른 처리 가능 (원판에 비해 상당히  빠릅니다.)
- V9958의 스크롤 기능을 이용하여 1픽셀단위의 부드러운 수평스크롤 구현
- 팔레트 조정

첨부된 파일에는 2개의 롬파일이 있는데,
하나는 일반 패치, 나머지는 무적 패치까지 포함된 롬입니다. 

실제 터보알에서 구동해보니 부드러운 스크롤이 인상적이네요.
마성전설 골드버전의 수직스크롤 보다 충격적입니다. ^^
GIF로 캡쳐해봤습니다. 감상하세요~

아래는 에 올라온 뉴스입니다.
참고로, 원본 링크에서는 패치용 데이터 파일만 받을 수 있습니다.

Gradius 2 enhancement patch

Games & Demos - Gradius 2 enhancement patch

 Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - 21:14
 Submitted by:
 Topic: Games & Demos
The MSX-version of Gradius-2 (a.k.a. Nemesis 2) is a spin-off story of the Gradius series, developed specifically for the MSX and later ported to X68000 and PSP under the title "Nemesis 90 Kai". As with many other Konami megarom titles for MSX, it suffered from the bug in the timing routine that lets it run at twice its normal speed if the processor is fast enough. Also, the game is far too CPU-intensive for a standard 3.57MHz Z80A to sustain a full frame rate. As a result, the game drops frames constantly, running noticeably slower than its predecessor: Gradius (a.k.a. Nemesis).

This new patchis not just the same as previous ones. It will not only implement the DynamicVsync (for MSX1 & MSX2), many speed optimizations and some tricks: it also includes a much-desired feature: SmoothScroll for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo-R!

In addition, sd_snatcher released a new version of the Salamander DynamicVsync patch, that includes some new optimizations to get even better speed improvements on slower machines.

Relevant link:
Gradius 2 enhancement patch

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